Hello Tonic


Say hello to a chocolate treat.

Dark chocolate (not milk or white) is an antioxidant.

The darker the better. Fight free radicals.

Say hello. There’s a benefit to your vice.

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Image Thanks www.coolhunting.com


Say hello where the sun kissed you.

Imperfections make you unique and beautiful.

They’re an accessory to who you are.

Say hello. You’re gorgeous when you’re you.


Image Thanks www.eclecticboholove.tumblr.com




Latte love.

Short, tall, skinny, soy.

Flavored, iced, spiced, half caf, foam, fancy foam or frappe.

Single or shared.

Say hello. There’s a medley of ways to love the same thing.


3D Latte Art Kazuki Yamamotos



What do Hollywood celebs and pirates have in common?

Fancy braids.

Greatest invention for bad hair days.

Say hello to those with mussed weaves twisted with or without beads.

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What is fetchingly retro? Packs a serious punch? Is short stroll beatific? Ridiculously gas pump affordable? And forces girls to rap their arms around you?

La Vespa Vida.

Say hello to those romancing on two wheels.


Say hello or move your wump.

Mugwump – someone who sits uselessly on the fence of indecision, with their mug on one side and their wump on the other.

Give ’em a mugful. Decide. Say hello.

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Love what you can’t see.

The empty places are about to be filled with possibility.

Whisper hello. 

Make room in your heart for the unimaginable – Mary Oliver


Image Thanks. The beautiful and brilliant Alba Soler.


Hello Hot Ticket

In 1937, the first women to wear shorts in public drew so much attention they caused a car crash.

Say hello to a pair of legs. (You know what I mean 😉


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All affairs start out innocently enough.

Strong and easy.

Then you realize you can’t breath, odors are trapped and static electricity is a problem. (Which should sound sexy.)

It’s not about what you do. It’s about how you feel when you do it.

You can walk around in a plastic bag. Or put nature next to your skin.

Say hello to organic, pure, wholesome.


Say hello sweet cheeks.

Big smile. You’re so blazin’ cute and charming.

Say hello. Make an impression on someone’s day.


Image Thanks www.theberry.com



Someday (hopefully in the very-very distant future) postmen and handwritten notes will be as rare as feather pens and wax seals.

Of course, moving will be easier. You won’t have the dusty shoebox filled with sentimental notes to go through. (Say it ain’t so!!)

Say hello. Go old school. Stamp and send it.




Hello basics.

If you put your socks on straight, you’ll stay in the game.

If you’re not in the game. You can’t win.

Say hello eyelet by eyelet.

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