Hello Tonic


The best of the best. Wise, warm, deep and blissful.

You are golden.

Superior and outstanding.

Why sit back? Let your sparkle, shimmer and shine reflect on the world.

Say hello. Every bangle, buckle, zipper and chain you don is a warm reminder of a new golden hour.



Bring home the bacon.

Cuz everyone else seems to be eating more ham and sausage. (Statistically speaking anyway.)

Bacon ranks not one… not two… yes 3rd! In breakfast meats.

Holy hogs!

As suspected, the cool factor is overrated.

Sizzle your way. Say hello. 






Travel. Explore.

Doesn’t have to be the world.

Road trip down the hall. Stay home.

Be curious. Something new is around the next corner.

Say hello. Retreat in what you know.

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Hello bashful.

You are of infinite worth.

Say hello. Be seen.

Who knows what else is possible.




Everyday. Everywhere.

Pocket seams just right.

Down-to-earth. Uniquely you.

Riveting possibilities in sight.

Put on your blue jeans. Always say hello. (You look great in them!)




So alluring and simple. (Especially when you’re talking fashion trends.)

One way or the other.

So absolute. (Someone just walked all over your middle ground. Where oodles of possibilities lie.)

Boot out the black and white.

Say hello to vibrant colors and a brighter day.

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Caffeine – best legal drug on the planet.

Tea (with or without caffeine) – unworldly benefits of well-being.

Caffeinated tea – huge hit of antioxidants. (More than decaf.)

Say hello. The only downside is cheating on your coffee.



98.6 is where you live – content and cozy.

More might makes more heat. So hot you sweat – so you’re cool.

Lots of things in life look like sweat – hot, dirty and stinky.

Truth is you’re witnessing a miracle. Without a single thought, your body cools, cleanses and balances itself.

There’s nothing you have to do today. Be yourself. Don’t sweat it.


Hello fancy pants.

You make the clothes. The clothes don’t make you.

(But please don’t settle for mediocre. You’re better than that.)

Be comfortable. Wear what you love. Style starts from the inside out.

Say hello to the ravishing you.


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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Hermann Hesse knew – “a poet or nothing at all.”

Say hello. You’re nearly half way through this lifetime.

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Say hello to ink’d peeps.

Remarkable the way they embellish, enhance and express themselves. Distinguish themselves from the crowd.

Possibility never judges the book by it’s cover.

Say hello to individuality.


Say hello to the dark side of the moon.

The slight sliver of moonlight means it’s the perfect time to sow new possibilities. (Side benefit: no werewolves)

In the dark of the soil, seeds take hold. Eventually they reach for the sunlight. And break through.

Cultivate your ideas. Say hello and watch them manifest in the glow of the next full moon.