Hello Tonic


When was the last time you were invited to a relaxed, cheery dinner party? For no reason except to be together?

Say hello. Greet people you enjoy with a night of informal bites, drinks, conversation and connection. (In your home.)

You don’t need a reason. Don’t wait for a holiday. Relax and request the pleasure of spending time with your friends.

(Studies show sharing a meal makes you happier and healthier.)

Say hello to companionship. It’s yours to create.


You need a break. Do not say hello… lose yourself in a good book.

Better than tea, music or a long walk, reading is best way to beat stress. (Now that’s novel!)

Sit down and pick up a Fantasy, Thriller, trashy Romance, Bio, How-To, Mystery or Classic and invite the tension of the day to melt away.

Words are magic. We love magic!

Say hello to a world of curiosity, imagination and creativity.


Image Thanks Rosario Leotta


Go. Do. Achieve. Produce. Succeed.

Or…. check out and be a daydream believer.

Slacker you say?

Luxuriously I stray. Mental vaca time!! Both relaxing and constructive. Daydreaming…

Reduces anxiety.
Helps maintain positive relationships.
Inspires creativity.
And can actually make you more productive.

Say hello. Make a little room for non-doing today.


“Why it’s simply impassible!”

Alice: Why, don’t you mean impossible?

Door: No, I do mean impassible. (chuckles) Nothing’s impossible!”

– Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Which door will you choose?
Open the next door. Say hello. Anything is possible.


Say hello, clean bean.

Because happiness is a tidy house, at least for 83% of us. (According to a new survey.)

Go ahead! Get your Spring clean on.

Say hello to a little de-cluttering, disinfecting and dirt-free living. (And a less stress-troubled mind.)


Hello is like a flavor.

It stimulates the senses. It occurs on inhalation and exhalation. It’s different for everyone. Whatever you imagine in your head is how it unfolds and reveals itself. It’s a feeling.

Expand your flavor horizons. Say hello. 


It’s your truth that matters, not the rules.

Your code. Your contribution. Your cause.

Believe in yourself. Set boundaries. Practice authenticity.

It starts with hello. Say it from the heart. Your opinion matters.

Pssst. Hello, beautiful you!



What time is it?

The time is now.

Can you give yourself so completely to the moment that it immerses you? There’s nothing behind you, and nothing ahead?

Lose yourself in the freedom of tingling finger tips, fresh air and the taste of the present. What could be more pressing?

Say hello to your next breath. Look past the time into the ticking of the now.


Hello H20. Don’t get drained.

Smarty (thigh-slimming) pants stay hydrated.

75% of your brain is water.

Refuel to stay calm, reduce stress, slim down, sharpen up, get your glow on and beam with happiness.

Say hello. Hydrate. Meet your new best friend.


Tiny worlds spark imagination.

Remember wandering through make-believe spaces? In and around perfect little details. They looked so real I could almost taste the tea and cookies.

Take yourself back to an extraordinary space in an ordinary time.

Every day can hold an amazing story and new possibility.

Say hello to the realists passing all sharing a dream.


Say hello to the experience of music.

You can listen to it. Or let yourself be captivated by it.

Say hello. Don’t let it go in one ear and out the other.



Halt it, hooligans. (And say hello.)

This is not a suggestion. It’s the law.

(Unless you’re in California conforming to the completely illegal, yet customary, keep-it-rollin’-right-on-red rule.)

Every where else, STOP signs are there to make you stop.

Take heed. Say hello. Smile and move along.

Good stuff ahead 🙂


Image Thanks Zabir Hasan Photography