This is no ordinary revolution.

Or, is it?

FACT: There are 7 billion people in the world.

FACT(ish): 750,000,000 of them speak English. More or less if you include people watching Hollywood movies and speaking English as a second language.

Hello could be the most widely recognized word in the world. (That is, if it wasn’t for Coke.)

So, why then do you pass ONE stranger and say nothing?

Sure I’m only the math teacher’s daughter, but this equation troubles me. Something’s not adding up.

Then again, I live in Philadelphia.

I realize there are other places where the math works. Like Malawi. I hear it’s customary to say hello to every person, or at least smile and nod. (((Swoon))) A girl can dream.

FACT: It is not always sunny in Philadelphia.

People ignore me.

Do I care? Yeah, I actually do.

But that’s not the real problem. The real problem is me. Dad taught me better.

Looking back now, the Hello Revolution started in college. I was in the middle of finals. Studying all night. Stumbling to the kitchen for a periodic shot of espresso and back to the books.

I blew past my (easiest going on the planet) Dad without a second thought one morning.

Behind me I heard, “Just once, Julie, it would be nice if you could come downstairs, look up and say ‘Good morning.'”

I stopped in my tracks. He rarely gave advice. And I was never the same.

Maybe, it was the total humiliation of such a simple lesson in my 20’s. Or the shame of disrespecting the best Dad ever. Or maybe it was just the start of my calling.

Everyone is important enough to be acknowledged. Say hello. 

You’re never too busy to look someone in the eyes. Say hello.

It’s nice to be nice. Pony up. Say hello, FIRST.

It’s good for your dreams and the planet. (Plus, you’ll make me feel better about leaving home and relocating to Philly.)

Say hello. You know you want to know. What else is possible?

Drop your weapons. Get your super hero on. Say hello.


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