He walked toward me. I could feel my chest tighten.

I didn’t know him. I’d never seen him before. And, probably wouldn’t see him again.

As he got closer, I found the courage to let out a meek, “Hello.”

He didn’t look at me. He never broke his brisk pace. But, I saw a nearly imperceptible smile cross his face.

Encouraged. Relieved. I kept walking.

I approached the next stranger on my path. “Hello,” I said. She said hello back with a smile.

The revolution has begun.

Shake it up. Get on board.

Every super hero wannabe (wait, maybe it’s just me…) So, me and one NBA basketball star (that makes two) is changing the world, one hello at a time.

You make three.

See what you can see. The stuff you dream about, starts here. Try the Hello Revolution on for size. You won’t be the same. (Unless you completely forget what you are reading right now. But that won’t happen when you enter your email below.)

Say hello. See what else is possible.