Everybody’s hustling. Trying to make something.

Something else. Something more. Something out of nothing. Something. 

It’s a rush. You gotta love the zeal.

On the flip side, I’m mesmerized by nothing – the quiet.

I don’t know if either one (the crazy non-stop, go-go or the soft, behind the scenes silence) will make a damn bit of difference, if they stay undercover.

Say hello. 

It’s the precursor to possibility.

Which doors do you want to see open? (You’ve got my ear.)

Every revolution starts with a voice.

It speaks to someone in confidence. Trust holds it sacred. It might be an entirely new idea or a new perspective on an old tradition. It’s risky to speak up, but when you do wheels are set in motion.

Risk and trust is fundamental to every revolution. Share your vision. Talk about your ideas.

Bring on your own hello brigade. Someone near you cares and will help propel your passion.

Reach out. Be real. Be kind.

Time to halt the hustle, and say hello.

The greater the connection, the greater the possibility.

There’s a little spot right there ↓ ↓ What’s your personal revolution? Comments encouraged and welcomed.

Go ahead. Say hello. 

What else is possible?