OMG, I had a dream about you last night.

It was all black – nothingness.

At first, it was scary. But then I realized it was really more mysterious than scary.

And it felt full of possibility. Like potential without lines, edges or limitations. Pure nothingness.

You turned up, suddenly somewhere out of the blackness. I could barely see you, but I knew you were there, and somehow I knew you were wearing magical glasses. You kept talking about this amazing underground city. “There are dusk-like colors vibrating endlessly. It’s like bazooka bubblegum bubbles floating, overlapping, making bouquets and rainbows,” you’d rattle (like one of the kids walking into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory).

“Little treasures are appearing out of no where. Floating. Flying. Creeping. Crawling. Wait, there’s another one!” you yelped. “I’m walking into a magical garden. Like nothing I’ve ever seen. Look! There’s a gnome! Oh… he looks so sad and lonely… What’s wrong?” I hear you ask him.

He tells you he missed his calling. All the other gnomes are charged with the responsibility of guarding sacred treasures. He has no job or purpose.

And you realize the floating treasures and gems need a spot to land. A place to be appreciated and enjoyed.

In a stroke of serendipity, you know it’s meant to be!

You tuck one (your favorite) into your pocket, and keep exploring, bouncing like a man on the moon. Leaving him to guard these precious valuables.

The gnome’s world (unbeknownst to you) is completely transformed. He gathers the treasures and every fairy he passes flutters at his good fortune. He’s doing what he loves. Exactly what he was meant to do.

Some days unfold like a dream – inspiring, fearful, curious, uncertain. Longing for love, joy and appreciation. We usually wake up to a harsh reality, but this is your journey. Look for hidden treasures. Say hello. There are mini miracles (and revolutions) that can be launched into motion. They are easiest to see through glasses of gratitude.

Say hello to the hidden gems and marvelous people around you. (You haven’t seen half the treasures, or met all of your future friends, yet.)


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