Some of the most unforgettable nights start with a box.

Tucked away in the closet. Pristinely wrapped.

You reach for the box. Gently lift the lid. Unfold the crinkling tissue paper. And see them (for the second time since you first laid eyes on them).

Pure. Virgin. Untouched soles.

You slip them on.

Choirs of angels sound. Ahhhhh…

You’re outfit is complete. You look gorgeous. It’s going to be a great night.

Shout From The Rooftop In Your Stilettos is like a daily dose of new shoe bliss. (Except for the angels singing on high part.)

Manicured toes or not, some days require…

  • A deeper sense of self-love.
  • Simple strategies to start the day off on the right foot.
  • Access to your inner wants.
  • Spontaneous laughter. (So you spend more good years on the planet.)
  • Letting go. Putting the past behind you. Enjoying the present.
  • Gratitude pokes and promptings. (Best unprescribed medicine there is. Behind coffee.)
  • New possibilities.
  • Vibrant, totally-you, true magnificence. Mmmmhhmm!

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Shout From the Rooftops in Your Stilettos is the always in style, fits like a glove, authentic, inspired, ultra satisfying, forever in vogue, keep-for-life soles. (You won’t find in your local department store.)

Fashion that rises above trends.

You see. Anything is possible.

Say hello to true-you confidence.

Shout from the rooftops in your (very swoonworthy) slingbacks, wedgies, boots, sneaks, loafers, wing tips, stilettos, sandals or God-given bare feet. YOWZA!