My vices range from isolation to tequila.

When it’s really bad, I stop drinking. And quarantine. Like someone could be contaminated by my problems.

I got an earful from a friend. “I’m here for you,” she says. (I know this. She knows I know this.)

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I snap. She doesn’t stop.

That’s what good friends do. They snap back. They don’t give up. Stick with you. Until you can reset.

Say hello. Someone’s got your back.

The day is on your side.

I start mine with a wake-up reminder. Thank you for today. Allow my feet to stay grounded (and warm in the winter months to come) while my hands and heart extend in meaningful exchanges.

Otherwise, I’m just going through the motions.

Try it. Reset. Renew. People love you. It’s true!

Going it alone is so out of vogue. (Shoulder pads. Yeah, those too. Time to purge.)

Say hello. It’s totally worth it. You’re never alone. It just feels that way sometimes.