Multiple trips to Atlanta (and lots of quality time with a 7-year-old) taught me one thing.

Build a better city. (Free from monsters.)

Trent’s a Minecraft pro. He’s beyond imaginative. He’s fast. Efficient. It’s gorgeous to watch. And sorta unbelievable.

He inspires me to play. And think about what I want to create for the Hello Revolution.

How to strategically place (or break) blocks. It’s a brave new world (for me). But he’s shown me how it can be simple and fun. But most importantly possible. (Is anything impossible through the eyes of a 7-year-old?)

Through Natalie’s Suitcase Entrepreneur 30 Day Blog Challenge and Trent’s infinite creativity, I am building a better web business (and hopefully world someday).

Next on my list, Lead Pages and Hootsuite. I’m tip toeing with childlike curiosity. But no doubt pro’s my end game.

Be brave. (That was more for my benefit more than yours 😉

Say hello. Anything is possible. (Kids know it all.)