Raise your green thumb if something (or someone) has ever stolen your joy. Snatched it right up by the roots.

Not in the your perfect parking spot got swiped sort of way. The deep in the pit of your stomach, like a roller coaster (or Pennsylvania pothole) sort of way.

So there I was thanking my lucky Spring solstice that winter 2013-14 had passed; tights gone, layers shed and visions of daffodils danced in my head.

When all of a sudden pothole-palooza appeared.

Before my very wheel was a huge gaping hole large enough to swallow a small medium-sized child. In one angry carnivorous bite, it ate me my front right tire, quickly decided it didn’t taste good enough to devour and spit the car out in a mocking proceed with caution tone. I started the sobriety zigzag and felt my optimism lessen with each obstacle.

The day was different now. The black hole stole my bright side.

Winter’s damage had not ended. I saw the mechanic’s estimate and felt self-pity settling in.

But deep down, I knew… the car would be fixed. The roads will be fine. Keep moving forward. This is no time to whine.

It’s just the price of life.

Like the weathered streets of Philadelphia, it’s full of ups and downs.

I can complain and hold on to my frosty winter sorrow, or I can plant internal seeds of spring cheer.

My choice.

We’re going to hit cracks in the road. We might bottom out.

But we’ve got to stay positive. (Easier said than done sometimes.) Look around. (Say hello.) Ask for an outsiders point of view. Find a little inspiration. Photographers Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano have given me an entirely new (pothole) perspective.

Say hello. You never know what’s ahead.

The beauty in life’s little eruptions may not be obvious, at first.

Possibilities have a way of springing up out of nowhere. Smell the flowers. (The tulips are in bloom!) The day is what you make it.


Image Thanks www.mypotholes.com