Coming from LA (the traffic congestion mecca of the world where erratic commuters are programmed to jump multiple lanes for on-time survival), you’d think I’d be use to car-crammed roads and chaos.

Hello, east coast. Totally different kind of road mayhem. These crazy, focused, predictable mortals honk. Or hit you if you cut them off. (Unfortunately, not exaggerating.)

And then there’s New York driving.

Driving in Manhattan (and I hear India, dear thrill seekers) is a thing you check off your life-list. Lanes don’t matter. Lines aren’t important. Yet somehow there’s an uneasy comfortability on the road. You’ve got one thing on your mind. Point B. Get there in one piece.

Driving amongst a sea of yellow taxis. Dodging pedestrians. You feel like you’re actually crossing the center of the universe. Detours down one ways through undiscovered neighborhoods. Now you see coffees, cocktails and food trucks to be had. Knock-off shopping, boutique gems and characters coming out of the woodwork. And you forgot all about Point B.

Not unlike my life.

So when asked, “How will the Hello Revolution remain a vibrant, active cause that brings people together?” I had to pull over and stop.

The long and winding roads of my life actually made sense for the first time.

There’s a Point B that’s always been calling me. A world with more community and compassion. It feels possible, and not so far away.

Say hello to possibility. Say hello to the people who’ve been with you from the start.

Decide where you want to go, and who you want beside you.

There are far more people, possibilities, and cool ways to get there than we could ever imagine.