Sometimes (out of nowhere), I’ll be walking and see hearts instead of people.

Whole hearts. Hopeful hearts. Crushed hearts. And I feel some of the joy and tears that have spilled out onto the pavement.

Then, I see the faces. The faces of the people who experienced, endured and sometimes have had to put pieces of their broken heart back together.

And I think to myself, nothing stays the same.

And I am grateful.

I am fortunate; my bag is packed up to fly home.

On Friday, I will hug Dad.

On Saturday, I will attend my best friend’s father’s funeral.

I wonder…. how did they do it? How did these brave hearts survive loss?

My heart is so heavy, I can’t imagine it will ever recover. But it will. I know that it does. Nothing stays the same. This is a passage. A period in time. It will serve as a transition. It is temporary. It will not always be like this.

Someday, I will sleep through the night. One day, I will wake up and the sadness will not ache so deeply. The pain will end. Change will come.

It is the nature of life, but life will never be the same.

And I have to believe that’s a good thing.

Say hello to someone you love. Because no matter how many times I told him, it was never enough.