My amazing grandmother will be 100 years-old next month.

When I was a kid, she’d come into the house, hug me so tightly my next breath was delayed and start cleaning.

She is a machine.

She had a horrible childhood. The unimaginable kind.

She is indestructible. I guess that’s how a fighter is made.

She never believed she was good enough, but she never gave in or gave up. She always took her own path. She is physically stronger than any woman I’ve ever met, but she wanted to be ‘thin and pretty’ and always called herself fat. If she got something nice, she stored it away for safe keeping. She never took anything from anybody. She will give until her last breath. And true to her nature, she will never complain. About anything. Ever.

She was never one to advise. Even now in her infinite wisdom. She just listens and observes, but sometimes you just got to know.

I had to ask, “Grandma, do you still have sex?”

My mom shrieks. My grandmother looks at me with those piercing blue eyes and says, “Julie, if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

And I imagine that would be her advice for just about everything today:

Play more than you clean. Use your time enjoyably, not wisely.

Don’t save the ‘good stuff’ for special occasions. Use it up and wear it out.

Never let your dreams die. Use your talents. Be brave.

Speak up. Use your voice.

Because she never did, and I want to learn from her.

How much longer will we continue to say, “I can’t do it.” … “I can’t do it, now.” … “Later.” … “Someday.” … “Eventually.” … “Soon.” … Excuse after excuse. Someday it will be too late. Someday we may, or may not, be lucky enough to grow to 100 years-old. We’ve got today. Use it.

Speak up. Our words are powerful. Every single one sets our future in motion. Be true to your dreams, vision and purpose. Trust your instincts. Tell one person what you most desire.

Stop masturbating and have sex! (Use it or lose it.)

Don’t waste what you have today. Live unapologetically.

Say hello, or risk silence dictating the rest of your days.