Raise your hand if you survived winter.

Again if you’re optimistic about sunshiny days. (I imagine several in a row… swoon.)

Dare I ask you to raise your hand if optimism trumped indisputable evidence about the incoming storm?

It started out with dark skies. Warmish temps, but ominous clouds that looked like they meant business.

I got the weather advisories. I didn’t heed the warnings. I  was hopeful (read: stubborn). As such, I dressed for low clouds and patchy rain.

Now peering out the window of the office (hours later), rain is not what I saw. This was more of a torrential downpour. Buckets of rain pelting cars and people.

Sidebar: It might be challenging for one raised in smog and droughts for nearly 40 years to remember accessories such as umbrellas or raincoats are necessities and not embellishments solely for cute Spring Pinterest boards.

Reality check.

No coat. No umbrella. I’ve got to be across town in 20 minutes.

Purse, laptop and ciabatta rolls land in a puddle of umbrellas near the front door. Car keys in hand, I lock in on my target (at the other end of the parking lot) and run (as fast as one can in espadrilles and a pencil skirt).

DRENCHED, I slide into the car, drive around the lot and sit.

Contemplating my next move, I realize I can’t win. Nature always wins. I hear the echos of her pellets falling from the sky.  Mother Nature’s taunting me. I’m powerless and overly dramatic. I’ll melt. (Or freeze.) She has no mercy.

Muttering under my breath and shaming her for all this nonsense. Productivity, warm fuzzies, vanity – gone. There’s no greener grass. Just windshield wipers mimicking the rhythm of my heart.

I pout. My hand won’t open the door.

The wind comes in through the back and water gushes into the car.

I turn and look. My office mate delightfully exclaims (like the kid who just saved Christmas), “I brought all your bread! Everything you left at the door!” And disappears behind a sheet of water.

I’m in love. Who does that?! My heart swells.

I take a moment. Who can I help today?

Say hello. Be kind. Be a superhero.


Image Brilliance www.ariellenadelphotography.com