WHO IS JULIE? And why does she say hello?

I am a second generation LA native, Philly transplant, hippie capitalist with sizable balls for a peanut, and probably far too much to say.

In no particular order of importance, I’m a meditation teacher, product guru, best friend of Cassie Massie since the age of four, author of Shout From the Rooftops In Your Stilettos, and former improvisational actress currently trying to wear fewer black clothes.

Moderately interested in observing a thing you call seasons, I was persuaded to pack up my belongings (suitcase and espresso maker) and move to the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania. When I finally realized that I needed a local friend more than a steady stream of income, I moved to Center City Philadelphia. I quickly got a job as a bread schlepper and instead of whacking ill-tempered Northeasterners with day-old baguettes, I decided to say hello and start a revolution.

It’s true, I didn’t want to be a stranger in a foreign land, but deep down I really started the Hello Revolution to create a greater sense of connection and community. I’d love to be remembered someday as the girl in the hood who always says hello.

Drop your weapons. Get your super hero on. Say hello.


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