Today’s problem du jour has obliterated any chance of mental calm. It’s not even 8 o’clock yet. My adrenaline is pumping. I’m hot. I’m mad. I’m not mad. I’m IRATE.

Good morning, crazy self-obsessed head trip girl.

Say hello, survival mode.

Dizzied from compulsive accounting and recounting. Reeling in fury. Oblivious to the world. I couldn’t care less about the runners on my block. The nun tending the convent’s gardens. The chatty trio waiting at the bus stop. The exhausted owner of the howling, hissing cat getting dragged to the vet. At best, I ignore them. Maybe I go unnoticed. At worst, I ooze my parasitic attitude on their going-just-fine day.

I get to the car. Drop my keys. (Twice.) Struggle. Spill my coffee. Then look up at a coolly dressed (yet somewhat awe/fear inspiring), speed-walking, head to toe all white hoodied woman with someplace serious she’s got to be. I’m instantly snapped back to reality.

This is the Hello Revolution. (I remember.)

I feign a nod and a fake smile.

She forces one in response.

My focus shifts. The monkey mind suspends.

I wonder who she is. Where is she going? What wheels are running in the back of her mind?

But none of that matters, what matters is me. (I do love a little narcissistic slap across the face.)

I am the one running the head trip. No one else is going to stop the treadmill.

It slows down. Almost enough for me to jump off unscathed. An unexpected sense of feeling present and grounded washes over me.

The world is bigger than my problem. I know this. (Even when I space and spin.)

I saw it in a stranger’s eyes.

The day is salvageable.

Say hello. Stay in the moment.