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Sometimes (out of nowhere), I’ll be walking and see hearts instead of people.

Whole hearts. Hopeful hearts. Crushed hearts. And I feel some of the joy and tears that have spilled out onto the pavement.

Then, I see the faces. The faces of the people who experienced, endured and sometimes have had […]

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Flight #3417 proves you can buy happiness.

Friday morning, early to rise. Jump to the espresso machine. All powers go. (Even the barrage of texts vibrating at an impressive pace couldn’t stop me.)

First, sell massive amounts of baked goods. Second, hop a cab to the Delta terminal at Philadelphia International […]

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Corpse pose is the death of my yoga class. Every class closes the exact same way. My body floats above the mat in total stillness. Fully aware, yet detached.

It’s the pause between the asanas and next phase of my day. Whatever peace and clarity I may have collected over the […]

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Every great day begins with Hello. Sometimes it sounds like Good Morning… Pleased to meet you… How are you…? Or great shoes! But I hope they all convey the same message.
We are connected. You are not alone.     I see you. You matter.
I’ve been reading (and re-reading) Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s […]

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