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Someone is going to turn your world upside down.
You don’t when or how, but someday it’ll happen.
Who knew one computer hobbyist would drop out of school, move to a hippie commune and change the way the entire world lives.

Not every person will build an unstoppable legacy, but every person […]

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I believe in attraction. The hot kind, and the I just caught the flu kind.

Life is clingy like that. Stuff rubs off.

I believe in connection.

Mind and body. You and me. Energy.

Potential, too. Yeah! Definitely believe in that.

Powerful stuff, you know? Are we even scratching the surface?

Probably not.

So why not […]

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EXPRESSIVE or territorial?

ARTISTIC or criminal?

PROVOCATIVE or infuriating?

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

If we go back in time, graffiti only meant one thing. Crime and violence. You were standing in gang territory.

Today, graffiti conveys an entirely different message. Culture, tradition and (especially in Philadelphia) revitalization.

Three decades ago, an […]

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