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There you are. Walking down the street with your dark chocolate. (Sorry, milk chocolate and white wine lovers.) You bump into the peanut butter dude and there’s a billion dollar taste explosion.

How we lived without it? I’ll never know.

Say hello. Pop that little confection in your mouth.
Which reminds me that my chocolate […]

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OMG, I had a dream about you last night.

It was all black – nothingness.

At first, it was scary. But then I realized it was really more mysterious than scary.

And it felt full of possibility. Like potential without lines, edges or limitations. Pure nothingness.

You turned up, suddenly somewhere out of […]

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Coming from LA (the traffic congestion mecca of the world where erratic commuters are programmed to jump multiple lanes for on-time survival), you’d think I’d be use to car-crammed roads and chaos.

Hello, east coast. Totally different kind of road mayhem. These crazy, focused, predictable mortals honk. Or hit you if […]

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“If you want to win Championships, you must take care of the smallest of the details.”  Coach John Wooden – a legend.

One of the most revered coaches in the history of sports. (Not that I give a crasshat about sports.)

Except that he coached life. Not just a game.

Be the […]

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Everybody’s hustling. Trying to make something.

Something else. Something more. Something out of nothing. Something. 

It’s a rush. You gotta love the zeal.

On the flip side, I’m mesmerized by nothing – the quiet.

I don’t know if either one (the crazy non-stop, go-go or the soft, behind the scenes silence) will make […]

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