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My vices range from isolation to tequila.

When it’s really bad, I stop drinking. And quarantine. Like someone could be contaminated by my problems.

I got an earful from a friend. “I’m here for you,” she says. (I know this. She knows I know this.)

“I don’t want to talk about it,” […]

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A divided heart can’t be whole.

What’s with the fence sitting?

Take a stand.

Say hello. Pick a side. Love it. Be with it.

Beauty awaits. The beast lies in the indecision.

Plus you’re smart. You know how to choose wisely.

Sloppy opinions are for politicians with things to hide.

Be clear. You’re safe. You’ll learn. Lean into what’s possible.

Time to […]

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I knew I couldn’t avoid him forever. Irresistible, amusing AND positively addictive.

I’m not alone. A billion like me are in his captivity. Obsessed with his secrets, witty banter, hot picks, gossip, likes, dislikes, invites and emoticons. 😉

Even when it’s clear I shouldn’t. I pop by anyway. A quick look […]

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Tragedy often inspires beauty.

When life rolls at a peachy-keen pace it’s easy to…

Do what you’ve always done.
Wait for proof. (Instead of taking gorgeous, yet terrifying leaps of faith.)
Ignore the signs.
Keep your opinions or creativity to yourself. (And never expose your emotions.)
Be silent. (Before admitting fear or fault.)
Ignore your instinct.
Do […]

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