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Suitcases are for travel. Not for living. (I have to say to myself. Over and over again.)

Pack up. Lock up. Tote keys in a secure little side pocket. Right where you left them. Return to the nest.

Now this is decadence.

The lesson I had to learn was in the staying. Not the […]

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We’re human. So we view life through an improvement lens. It’s a human thing.

The tricky part is balance. When do you improve and when do you just be?

Total freedom (for me) is the power to choose. Both. Either. Maybe neither.

I’m definitely not a hard-core freedom seeker. But I’m textbook […]

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Words stick with us.

I flash back. Sophomore year of high school. I can still hear David Nidess say, “You’d be cute if you lost weight.” What I should’ve done is punch him in the face. Instead I stored the insult in some dark recess of my mind.

Words matter.

Maybe it was, […]

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Brilliant. Imaginative. Compelling.

Every Girle´ is refreshing. Totally genuine. 100% authentic.

The editor has nothing to prove.

She’s beyond creative. Believes in herself. And others.

Full of meaning and promise. You can feel her dreams.

She overcomes obstacles. Never settles. From time to time, you’ll find simple tips.

Anything is possible at Every Girle´.

No, it’s not perfect.

It’s spontaneous. […]

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I’m touched. I’m inspired. Fine. I’m addicted. I need a new hobby.

Check out the Brooks Falls brown bear and salmon cam at

Say hello to Albert. You can always find him him catching from the middle of the stream despite his bad hip. Leo, ahead of him, has the longer […]

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