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Don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to.

A philosophy I live by.

I was ready today. I asked one of my baguette buddies to tell me what he thought of the Hello Revolution. (Frankly, I’ve been too scared to know what anybody thinks, up to this […]

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I care enough to send the very best. (OMG! I’m so cheesy I could snort.)

I really should be Hallmark’s poster child. I still believe in handwritten notes, stamped envelopes and the real-thing postmasters who deliver pretty little packages.

But holy how are there cool, efficient, blow-my-mind techie alternatives!! Sizzling hot […]

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Today’s problem du jour has obliterated any chance of mental calm. It’s not even 8 o’clock yet. My adrenaline is pumping. I’m hot. I’m mad. I’m not mad. I’m IRATE.

Good morning, crazy self-obsessed head trip girl.

Say hello, survival mode.

Dizzied from compulsive accounting and recounting. Reeling in fury. Oblivious to […]

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He walked toward me. I could feel my chest tighten.

I didn’t know him. I’d never seen him before. And, probably wouldn’t see him again.

As he got closer, I found the courage to let out a meek, “Hello.”

He didn’t look at me. He never broke his brisk pace. But, I […]

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